Automobile accidents happen and in some cases, accidents can lead to injuries, pain and suffering, loss of wages and other incidental expenses. Prober & Raphael Injury Lawyers strives to put victims of car accidents back in the position they were prior to the accident and injury. We do this by recouping monetary damages for the victim’s injuries, pain and suffering, lost wages and other out of pocket expenses that victims incur as a result of auto accidents.

We will fight for you

The impact from a car accident can cause damage to the vehicle as well as severe injuries or minor soft tissue injuries to the body. Regardless of the magnitude of the injury, a victim of an automobile accident has legal rights and Prober & Raphael Injury Lawyers will strive to pursue your legal rights resulting from an automobile accident. There are no upfront fees and we will not charge any attorney fees unless and until the case is resolved through settlement in favor of our clients.

Prober & Raphael Injury Lawyers provides aggressive, diligent and honest legal representation to all victims of car accidents and ensures that all clients receive the personal attention required in moving forward. We will work diligently from the inception of the claim process through settlement to obtain the best possible settlement for our clients. Please contact Prober & Raphael Injury Lawyers at (818) 466-1000 for a free consultation of your case so that we can determine your rights in a car accident. And remember, no attorneys fees are collected by our firm until your case is won!