Dog bite injuries are occurring in the United States at a staggering rate. With over 75 Million dogs in the United States, more than 4.7 million dog bite incidences occur every year. Roughly 20% of those injured as a result of a dog bite require medical care for their injuries. Incidentally, more than 50% of dog bites occur near the victim’s property. Furthermore, unaltered dogs are more likely to cause dog bite injuries than dogs which have been spayed or neutered.

Fifty percent of dog bite injuries involve children under the age of 12. About 70 percent of dog bite fatalities involve children who are younger than 10 years of age. Boys under the age of 15 are more likely to experience dog bite injuries than their female counterparts in the same age group.

Dog bite injuries can be prevented in two ways: (1) Parents must educate children as to proper behavior around dogs; and (2) Parents should supervise their children while children are playing within the vicinity of a dog.

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