Brain and spinal cord Injuries continue to occur at alarming rates. Automobile collisions are the second highest cause of brain and spinal cord injuries every year. During an auto accident, brain and spinal cord injuries can occur as a result of passengers in a vehicle being jolted severely backward/forward within the vehicle while the accident is occurring. In addition, such injuries can occur due to a passenger’s head hitting an object during the accident.

The most common head injury is a concussion. If left untreated, concussions can lead to more severe head trauma and injuries which can lead to brain swelling and ultimately death.

Brain and spinal cord injuries are more likely to occur when passengers do not wear seat belts and when children or the elderly are injured from the deployment of the airbags in a vehicle or when the airbags fails to deploy.

One of the easiest and most common ways to prevent brain and spinal cord injuries is for drivers and passengers to wear their seatbelts at all times. If an accident does occur resulting in brain or spinal cord injuries, the victim should immediately consult a qualified physician or emergency room for his/her injuries.

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